Welcome to my blog !

For almost three years, I hold this blog on the current events, the culture and the fashion where I post regularly articles. Of curious nature, I like analyzing and communicating on the world which surrounds us. I created it because I like to test and discover new things with regard to the new media, fashion ... That is why I decided to share my experiences with others.These last years I am more particularly interested in the emergence of the phenomenon of the bloggers geek and I had the opportunity to interview some of them. But on my blog, you will find articles of news on many of other subjects. For example, on the politics, Web, the geeks, and of course on the fashion and the beauty.

An everything but not boring blog of humor

I hold this blog to comment on the current events, speak about my commitments, express my convictions, tell my crushes (very favorites), push fit of bad temper, to publish photos and to try to give you the current events of the new media with the humor. This blog has for objective to inform and to promote articles on news of the new digital media and on the culture geek in particular, but not only... In fact you will find news on numerous different subjects, on the information of the week there which stood out to me : that it is in politics, in net-economy, on the news of the sector of Web, last cultural news... The whole on the tone of the humor. I am interested in Web, in politics and in current events with humor. Let us say that my blog is a girls' blog, but for everybody.
You will find my articles, my interviews of the other bloggers, testimonies, photos, etc.

Do not hesitate to give me your opinion by leaving a comment or by participating in the forum of my blog. You can participate in the life of this blog by giving your suggestions. Thanks also for sharing your feedback! See you soon !

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